Centre Wellington

100 Women Who Care

Are you interested in making a positive impact within the Centre Wellington community, but have limited time to give?  


Come and join our branch of the 100 Women Who Care phenomenon in Centre Wellington. 

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Charity Donations:

$7,150 for Centre Wellington's 2020 Angel Program

Winter 2020, Centre Wellington 100 Women Who Care raised $7,150 for the Centre Wellington Food Bank.

Money Raised 2020


Fall 2020
$7,500 raised for the Children’s Foundation of Guelph/Wellington.

Summer 2020
$8,000 raised for
Groves Memorial Hospital Covid-19 Relief Fund

Spring 2020
$10,200 raised for
Big Brothers Big Sisters Centre Wellington

CW Chapter

The creation of Centre Wellington’s Branch of 100 Women Who Care comes from the energy of Tracy Bachly and Ann Ironside. Please become a member and join us.

How it Works

4 times a year, CW Women Who Care hosts a meeting to decide which local charity will receive the collected funds. You are invited to join and make a difference.

Special thanks to our supporters: