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100 Women Who Care

Are you interested in making a positive impact within the Centre Wellington community, but have limited time to give?  


Come and join our branch of the 100 Women Who Care phenomenon in Centre Wellington. 

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Charity Donations 2024:

$11,200.00 to Elora House

On Thursday February 12th, 100 Women Who Care Centre Wellington presented a cheque for $11,200 to Elora House.
Shown above from left, Founding Member Tracy Bachly, Member Nicole Martin, Founder and Executive Director of Elora House, Luisa Krause and Nominating Member Jennifer Gleeson.

Elora House is a safe house designed to support the personal transformation and restoration for women leaving the world of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.
The primary focus lies in assisting residents to build towards self-reliance, resilience and overall wellbeing.
This service assists residents in setting goals, learning life skills, and moving forward in a safe way.

Money Raised 2024

Money Raised 2022

Money Raised 2023

Total Money Raised

Winter 2023

Aboyne Rural Hospice receives a cheque for $11,800.

Fall 2023

Wellington Terrace in Aboyne receives a cheque for $11,600.

Summer 2023

Elora Centre for the Arts receives a cheque for $11,300.

CW Chapter

The creation of Centre Wellington’s Branch of 100 Women Who Care comes from the energy of Tracy Bachly. Please become a member and join us.


All meetings are in person at the GrandWay Event Centre in Elora and also available in Zoom.

Tuesday May 7, 7:30pm
Thursday Sept 12, 7:30pm
Wednesday Nov 20, 7:30pm

How it Works

4 times a year, CW Women Who Care hosts a meeting to decide which local charity will receive the collected funds. You are invited to join and make a difference.

100 Women Who Care Centre Wellington was awarded the Service Of Excellence Award for “Community Social Responsibility” from the CW Chambers of Commerce, 2021.

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